Roof Replacement: Should I Wait?

One Of the biggest questions I hear in this industry is should we wait on getting our roof done for a year or two ? When it comes to this question there are a few things we should look at, and we will go over each one to decide if its worth the wait.


1 Is there any noticeable damage

One thing we want to first look at when deciding to replace your roof is damage. If you can see shingles showing signs of decay like


A : Missing granules.

Can you see where the singles are starting to look smooth versus gritty this is a sign of granular loss in the roof, another good way to tell if your losing granules to check your gutters when you clean them out.


B : Curling or ripped/missing shingles.

You can definitely see this in motion, if you can look at your roof and see there are shingles starting to curl or lift up this is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. the reason is it allows moisture to go underneath the shingle which can cause a lot more damage if untreated.


C : Leaks

If you are experiencing a leak of any kind you should seek a roofing contractor right away. The reason is that a leak means that somewhere in the roofing system this is no more protection for that moisture. A leak can come from several different areas. A couple of examples are

  • Skylights.
  • Improper or old flashing.
  • Ventilation vents.
  • Shingles that are starting to curl or lift.

If you have any of these problems its a good time to look at replacement.


2. Age

In the northwest we have a climate that demands a solid roof. If your roof is over 15 years, its a good time to have a roofing company come out and do a full inspection, just to make sure of the roofs holding up. There are instances where a roof can fail before that 15yr mark.

If you see damage even if its not 15yrs or older seek a professional just to be sure.

3. Your neighbors. “My favorites”

One of the biggest signs is all around you. Usually roofing happens in groups, the reason for this is because most neighborhoods are built at the same time or within a couple years of each other. So you if you see roofing in the neighborhood, at least schedule an appointment for a roofing inspection.


4. Cost

This is another good reason not to wait, the reason is according to

there is one that most consumers are not aware of. I would like to shed light on it here: contractors’ costs for roofing materials keep increasing!

We get an average increase of anywhere from 5 to 8% annually and of course we have to increase the cost for the job to make-up for each increase. I think this is another good reason to not wait to replace the roof.

We covered all the reasons you should think about replacing the roof for your home, I hope this article sheds some light on what to look for when thinking about replacing, and also gave some really good reasons not to wait. In the meantime if you can think of anything I missed I always love getting comments on my posts so feel free to reply.