When is the busiest season? Which is the best season to replace your roof? We’re glad to say there is a unanimous answer across articles and companies alike, fall! Summer being a close runner up with the clear weather and long daylight hours. In fall the temperate weather and low humidity allows for quick and efficient work to be done, especially as it’s our second busiest season. Summer becomes a packed season with jobs coming from following spring’s drawn out rains and alongside winter’s freezing temperatures, fall is when it becomes easier to schedule for your convenience. Most consistently we can count on outdoor temperatures in our safe scope of 45° to 85° Fahrenheit, to safely assemble and secure your roof with little to no risk of damage without extreme temperatures.

When should you replace your roof? It’s a big decision, a sturdy, maintained roof will last for 20 years. That’s why wise homeowners plan when to replace their roof depending on wear and tear, performance, rather than reacting to unfortunate damages. Roof inspections give you a detailed picture of how long your roof has left, along with any options you may have for repairs and replacement materials. If repairing isn’t an avenue you are interested in pursuing, or the time has come for that update to home, our expert technicians are ready to bring your new roof to reality. We carry a variety of roofing materials, from common asphalt and other shingles to fully custom exterior roofing options. 

The best part of a new roof we saved for last. According to remodeling magazines and business reports in the past three years, new roofs add retail value to your house almost without fail. Speaking of quality of life, did you know that updated insulation and professional replacement of your roof reliably lowers heating and cooling utility bills? If you have been experiencing poor circulation or temperature retention, new roofing is a common solution to HVAC efficiency.

We started our company to create better interactions and customer experiences, our successful business stands on our high quality work that we’re excited to use for your home improvement plans. We hope you’ve learned something about roof maintenance, or helped to make a decision for taking care of your house repairs or updating plans for the future. Spread the word and see if your friends know when the last time their roof was cleaned. Let’s make home improvement accessible together.



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