The styles, the colors, there’s just so much to talk about! We like to recommend considering which type of window frame material you might like, there are three most commonly used in the market: vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. While all have their own pros and cons regarding efficiency, budget, color range and customization ability, we can assure all three can guarantee basic function and modern durability. Our business is all about quality and your experience. When working with you during consultations and during the process we make sure to establish what your vision and what factors are most important to you on your home’s project.

Energy efficiency is something you should be satisfied with in your own home, or do you think it’s something that could be improved by updating your current window system? Keeping your bills lower allows for more flexible budgets and long-term savings from spending less or earning more from your residence’s market value in the future. We can all agree it’s been proven that even new single pane windows cannot perform on the same levels of maintaining insulation and lowering heating and cooling costs. There’s many reasons you may want to consider before replacing existing windows.

Keep your eye out for signs of severe or prolonged wear and tear on your windows:

  • Any signs of water damage inside your window frame or sill
  • Drafts that could force your HVAC to work harder to compensate the lost air
  • Condensation between multi-paned windows, losing the airtight seal causes failure to the insulating technology
  • Did you know modern windows offer higher levels of sound dampening qualities? If outside noise is bothersome, perhaps it’s time your windows get on the calendar.


Hazardous cracks or breaks in the weather sealing are things that should be corrected for your safety as soon as possible, naturally. If you’re ever worried about the quality or efficiency of a part of your house, never think twice about finding yourself a company you trust to get a consultation to learn more about your home and make informed decisions on your future plans. Koala-T Exteriors works to better professional exterior replacement techniques and smooth your remodeling experience to the max. Striving for communicative process and planning we achieve safe, reliable work every time we answer a call. Raising market value? Lowering bills by using high electric appliances less, the opportunity of customization bringing limitless options of privacy, style, budget and more? We’re always happy to answer questions about what these benefits could look like for you and your home, now or in a few years.


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