At Koala-T Exteriors we talk a lot about energy efficiency because all parts of your exterior work together to make your home the safe, happy haven you made it to be. Insulation is not something often replaced or changed when undamaged or disturbed, lasting for decades under good circumstances. It is something to be evaluated or added to during remodeling projects that expose or move it in any way. Especially when looking to update historic, or generational homes the insulation may be something you, as a homeowner, want to consider.

Insulation can be made out of a variety of materials based on what purpose and functionality you’re looking to have them serve. Based on your regional weather patterns and sea level we’ll be able to provide you with any additional information or options that might fit what you’re looking for. We commonly carry various foam based insulation, reflective types to protect from high external heat, loose wool or fiberglass, and sprayed or rigid inserts. Under undisturbed, safe conditions you can expect your insulation to last with your house up to 80 or even 100 years according to studies and experiments. The most common insulation, a loose, blown fiberglass material can start breaking down in as soon as 15 to 25 years if exposed to moisture or rodent damage. Inspections and home maintenance are of course, the easiest preventative measures to ensure your home is in perfect working order.

 When looking to bring yourself up to speed on your home’s needs and history, it can be eye-opening to hear what a professional can tell you about your home and what your options are. On our company’s mission to improve your experience as a client, we make sure to prioritize your options and long term benefits from reliable products. For new and private development projects we appreciate being able to lend a polished touch to independent work from families and entrepreneurs for something so important to do right the first time. Be it an additional wall or room, better yet a brand new house forming on a foundation, we’re excited to hear about your project’s vision!

When hired for removal of any water damage or degraded insulation, our professional services leaves your home free of any spreading of potentially harmful material to your living spaces. To quickly be able to move on to replacing or repairing any part of your home necessary is why we have worked so hard to make the process as swift and clean as possible for your home to be able to return to normalcy. While we would need more hands than we have on our team to count, our number of attics visited is only matched by happy customers. Bringing professional grade remodeling work to homeowners has always been our dream, let us help make yours.


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